The introduction of artifical grass

What is artificial turf? Artificial turf is a grass – like synthetic fiber, implanted on the woven fabric, the back of the fixed coating with natural grass movement properties of chemical products.

Outdoor Landscaping Artifical Lawn Artificial Grass,which is widely used in sports and leisure places.

Artificial turf according to the production process is divided into injection molding artificial turf and woven artificial turf. Injection molding artificial lawn using injection molding process, plastic particles in the mold one time extrusion molding, and bending technology will bend the lawn, so that the grass blades are equidistant, equal regular arrangement, grass blade height is completely unified. Suitable for kindergarten, playground, balcony, green, sand and so on. Woven lawn is made of synthetic fiber like grass leaf, implanted in woven fabric, with fixed coating on the back to be used as artificial turf on sports field, leisure field, golf field, garden floor and green ground.
Its raw materials are mainly polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP), can also be used polyvinyl chloride and polyamide, etc. PE Artificial Grass Leaves are painted to mimic the green color of natural grass, and UV absorbent is required.

Polyethylene (PE): Feel more soft, appearance and athletic performance closer to natural grass, widely accepted by users. Is the most widely used artificial grass fiber raw material in the 21st century
Polypropylene (PP): grass fiber is harder, generally suitable for tennis courts, playgrounds, running tracks or decorative purposes. Slightly worse wear resistance than polyethylene
Nylon (Nylon): It is the earliest artificial grass fiber raw material, belonging to the first generation of artificial grass fiber. The silk grass is soft and comfortable for feet.
Artificial turf was born in the United States in the 1960s. It is a non-living plastic synthetic fiber product
Artificial lawn made of raw material. It does not need to consume fertilizer, water and other resources necessary for growth like natural lawn, and can meet the needs of 24 hours of high-intensity sports, and maintenance is simple, rapid drainage, excellent site smoothness. Artificial turf is widely used in field hockey, baseball, rugby, football, tennis, golf and other sports of the public practice field or as the ground pavement to beautify the indoor environment.

Post time: Nov-18-2022